SANY mini excavators top the market

07 July,2017


SANY mini excavators SY16 and SY35 have been sold 41 units online in May. As the best sellers in the market, SANY mini digging machines’ high efficiency and low fuel consumption gain high appraisals from clients and industrial insiders.

Small but powerful

SANY mini mechanical digger SY16 and SY35 are the smallest in SANY excavator products. The 1.6 ton excavator SY16 and 3.5 ton excavator SY35 are widely used in garden renovation, farmland reclamation, urban construction and digging ditch. They are not only can be used in small earthwork operations but also in lifting, cracking and earth moving.

SANY mini earthmoving equipment SY16 and SY35 are smaller than other small excavators, which makes them more flexible in operation.

According to Wang Chunhui, the R&D leader of the mini excavators, the mini excavators SY16 and SY35 are designed to carry out the operation work in confined spaces. The working configuration of the arm ranges from 595 mm of left turn and 350 mm of right turn, making the outer edge of the track could be reached, ideal for the job in compact space like edge or corner of walls. The mini excavator SY16 and SY35 are easy to maintain and their heat dissipation performance are very effective.

Breakthroughs in shock-absorbing and heat dissipation

Wang said that the mini mechanical diggers have got great breakthroughs in shock-absorbing and heat dissipation. The high quality hydraulic components and advanced hydraulic system design ensure the comfortable operation and low fault rate.

Mini excavators are mainly used in urban working condition, which means that vibration noise is a key factor that should be considered in excavators’ design. SANY mini mechanical diggers SY16 and SY35 have vibration-absorbing designs in their engines, cabs and cushions.

Heat dissipation is another factor that should be considered. SANY mini excavators’ zero tail swing structure makes the engine room very confined that will affect the machine’s heat dissipation. To solve this problem, SANY’s engineers optimized mini excavators’ dissipation capability, letting the small-sized SANY mechanical diggers have strong capacity to dissipate heat.

SANY mini digging machines can greatly save manpower and improve the efficiency. “A SANY mini excavator can finish 18 men’s workload, saving 50,000 a year for client,” a SANY’s sales manager said.

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Operating Weight
Engine Model
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
SY215C-Tier 3
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Mitsubishi 4M50
Rated Power
SY235C-Tier 3
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Cummins QSB6.7-190
Rated Power
SY215C-Tier 4i
Operating Weight
Engine Model
Isuzu AM4HK1X
Rated Power