SANY excavator equipped with 3D remote control technology

28 June,2017


Early this year, SANY 24.5 ton medium excavator SY245H won the Gold Finger Award of the annual products of China Construction Machinery at the Construction Machinery Products Development (Beijing) forum.

Technology is a key factor that SANY mechanical diggers can dominate the market. Besides dynamic optimization control technology, SANY excavators’ remote control technology and unmanned operation of precision construction technology embody SANY’s vision to the future market.

What is the remote control technology of SANY excavators?

SANY has successfully developed the excavator equipped with remote control stereo vision system. The mechanical digger can simulate field operation through 3D camera, servo-system, 360 degree panoramic images and audio wireless transmission. No matter where the operator is, he can manipulate the excavator as long as he holds the remote controller and wears VR glasses. Additionally, SANY remote controlling excavator can be equipped with versatile parts and attachments, which makes the machines applicable enough to handle various constructions like digging, grabbing, discharging, drilling, cutting, breaking and so on.

SANY remote controlling excavators are mainly used in earthquake relief work, toxic environment and dangerous tunnels. SANY construction equipment excavators are widely used in a number of projects in Hebei, Shanxi, Henan and Sichuan provinces. Remote control technology has been used in SANY SY215 excavators, SANY SY245H excavators and SANY SY365 excavators. SANY mechanical digging equipment SY365 remote controlling excavators were put into operation in tungsten ore mining, which not only raised the operation efficiency but also made the excavation carry out in a more complex and dangerous construction environment, liberating manpower and improving operational safety.

3D technology realizes the precision construction of excavator’s unmanned operation

Unmanned remote controlling excavator carries out precision operation by GPS satellite positioning to obtain bucket position coordinates and guides its digging work according to the inputted 3D design drawing. SANY excavator can move and dig without any restrictions of mining directions or positions. SANY remote controlling excavator can reach any place where human can’t get and finish the work that human can do.

With the implementation of the 13th Five-year Plan and “Belt and Road” Initiative as well as the pushing forward of PPP projects, construction machinery industry is picking up significantly. At the beginning of this year, many products of SANY excavators and rollers have been sold out. SANY has always been paying great attention to its products’ quality and service in order to create maximum value for clients. Additionally, SANY also has always been keeping a close eye on the new technologies, making innovations for the industry.

sany excavator


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