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How to operate a mini excavator: training tips for novice operators?

When mini excavators were just introduced, they were considered as toys by those heavy equipment operators. But now, they have been widely used in construction sites with their distinguished performance in tight working areas, ease of operation, low cost and precise operation. For landscaping, small ditches for irrigation, and utility project, the compact machines can make work very easy. Here are the basics to operate a mini digger.

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How to maintain digger on a daily basis?

Diggers are also called excavating machinery, which are used to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface of the machine. It has become one of the main engineering machinery in engineering construction. The daily maintenance is an effective way to extend its service life.

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How to maintain SANY excavators?

Abrasion, corrosion and aging are three main factors that make the excavator machine parts invalid. Among the three, abrasion is the one that causes most damages to the machine parts. To minimize the machine abrasion, we can find solutions from the source, such as using the best material.

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Used Equipment Search — Where can I find used machines?

We have a website that allows you to search for pre-owned construction equipment at authorized SANY dealers in the China. Review product descriptions and photos, check prices and contact the selling SANY dealer directly.

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What year was my machine manufactured?

For information on the year of manufacture of your SANY product, you may use the online Service Issues Form or email Customer Service at sales31@sanygroup.cn

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How to get the most from excavators in loading application?

Loading is a frequently used function for excavators, no matter what tonnage of them. SANY excavators are designed to deliver maximum power, strength and fuel efficiency in all kinds of job sites. Below are some useful tips to help you get the most from the machine when it is working on a loading job.

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How to reduce excavator machine fuel consumption?

Fuel oil cost accounts for a large part of the excavator machine maintenance cost, so it is very important to reduce the machine fuel consumption for lowering the maintenance budget. Proper operating techniques not only help improve working efficiency but also save the fuel consumption. What is more, fuel oil choosing and maintenance are also very important for reducing the fuel consumption.

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