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How to Choose a Suitable Digger?

As one of the important machine in construction machinery, digger can bring profitable benefits for operators. Whether an diggeris suitableor not is determined by the project working condition and its support equipment, which may twice the result with half the effort.

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How to maintain 3-ton digger under high temperature?

During periods of high temperature and scorching summer, proper maintenance of a 3-ton digger is a common concern among operators, since extended operation in high temperatures affects the 3-ton digger's cooling and hydraulic systems.

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How to keep SANY mechanical diggers from rusting?

Sany excavator machine features by high efficiency, low fuel consumption and strong environment adaptability. Maintenance is very important to keep the excellent performance and make the maximum productivity. As digging tool, excavator is widely used in engineer construction and coal mining with various working environment, in which the machine is exposed to a wide range of hazards and consumed a lot.

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How to prevent malfunction of 8-ton excavator?

For the equipment operators, the precaution before the malfunction is more important and causes much less cost than the maintenance. This is unexceptional for the 8 ton excavator, for which nipping the danger and problems in the bud is quite critical.

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How to maintain heavy excavator's hydraulic components?

The accumulation of dirt in the hydraulic heavy excavators is the most common cause for the malfunction of the construction equipment, especially with the increase in pressure and precision in operation. It's necessary to be particularly careful, on the occasion of filling hydraulic oil and during the disassembling or assembling of the equipment.

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What should know for green hands operating excavators?

Once bought an excavator machine, operators need to read the product specification carefully to know the components and performance of the excavator machine. What’s more, practice is more important. The following is some basic knowledge for green hands to know.

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How to maintain excavator machine in tough environment?

It is very important to maintain your excavator machine in tough environment if you want your machine to keep doing excellent performance in extreme working conditions. The followings are some tips for maintaining the excavator in demanding job sites.

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The main characteristics of SANY mini digger SY16C digger?

With an upper width of only 980 mm, the SANY SY16C can easily drive through narrow passages and spaces, especially with the 1820 kg weight, making the transportation more easily between different sites. The short tail swing is also ideal for tight job sites and confined spaces.

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How to get the most from the excavator when it is working on a trenching job?

Trenching is a frequently used function for excavators, no matter in the urban construction or the mine project. SANY excavators are designed to deliver maximum power, strength and fuel efficiency in all kinds of job sites. Below are some useful tips to help you get the most from the machine when it is working on a trenching job.

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How to maintain 5 ton SANY digger's filter?

This type of digger is widely used in city construction, landscape engineering, infrastructure construction in rural areas, and in stone field. It has many features such as high efficiency, low consumption, green environmental protection, and convenient maintenance. Today, we will talk about the maintenance of the 5-ton digger's filter.

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I want to buy a small digger for farmland reclamation. Which one is better for me?

We recommend you to buy SANY small digger SY55C digger. The small construction machine is equipped with customized Isuzu 4JG1 Engine with Tier 3 emission standard shows extra-strong working power, ensuring the high reliability especially in the tough working environment. The strengthened bucket uses wearing-resisting steel plate in its bottom, and the optimized arc shape reduces the digging resistance and abrasion caused by the rocks.

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How to maintain excavators working in the water?

Working in the water is among the common job sites for excavators. SANY offers customized excavators suitable for operation in water area, with special configuration for adapting the watery environment.

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What things you need to know before purchasing excavator attachment?

When you are purchasing the excavator attachments, you need to choose based on the excavator models as the attachments used in different types of excavators are not the same, so just clarify the models, and buy the most suitable excavator attachments. When you want to buy an excavator attachment, you’d better bring the original one for reference.

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How to maintain excavators in summer?

The climbing temperature of hot summer is a challenge for excavators and operators. Mechanical excavators should take a series of maintenance to ensure their mechanical performance and construction efficiency in high temperature working environment. Here below are seven ways to maintain excavators in summer.

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What should pay attention for excavator machine working in rainy days?

Spring is the rainy season, where the rain moistens crops and refreshes air but brings challenges for the excavator machine. The rainfall will produce puddles, bogs and even flood, which will make the machine's working environment rough and complicated. What is more, the rain will rust the parts and cause damage to the machine, increasing the maintenance cost.

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Why SANY 7.5 ton small excavator SY75C is well received in the market?

SANY small mechanical digger SY75C is one of star products of SANY Heavy Industry. It has advantages such as energy saving, working efficiency, and performance stability.

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How to maintain 2 Tonne Excavator in Winter?

The 2 tonne excavator plays an important role in city construction and infrastructure development, especially in the small-sized engineer construction. Being compact and flexible, the mini digger can be used in narrow space where the large digger can not reach to make the maximum productivity, thus becoming the representative construction machinery in city construction. Built to be the best digging tool.

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