Tang Xiuguo: To build a new Sany with Internet

25 April,2017


The innovation of construction machinery should combine with Internet communication technology, sensor technology, big data, and cloud computing to make the construction machinery and construction industries competitive.

Tang Xiuguo, CEO of Sany, Group Co.,Ltd. made the remarks at the 2016 China and Globalization Forum held on May 15.

Tang further explained the development concept of “New Sany”, saying that engineering equipment is the foundation of the company and the basis for future development. Sany will build a time-honored brand for its engineering equipment, regardless of difficulties and hardships.

Sany‘s new energy business also booms based on engineer equipment. The sales of new energy business increased several times over the past few years, with this year's sales expected to reach US $10 billion.

The company will discuss whether Internet and industrialization could promote the industrialization of construction.

Sany has become a global enterprise since its foundation 30 years ago. Last year, Sany manufactured 40,000 units of equipment, among which 35,000 were made in China and 5,000 in Sany's 14 overseas factories. Sany also exported5,000 units of equipment to the foreign market last year.

In the past, Sany exported its products to foreign markets but found no companies in foreign countries to provide after-sales services for its engineering equipment. Similar to disposable chopsticks, the exported equipment were thrown away after being used for just one time, which has caused a huge damage to Chinese brand.

To solve the problem, Sany began to invest and build factories abroad and it purchased Putzmeister, a German manufacturer of concrete pumps in 2012 and established a joint venture with an Austrian enterprise Palfinger, an international manufacturer of cranes, hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems. It also invested in wind power in the United States.

A combination of Internet and industrialization make the engineering equipment industry competitive

Tang said that the point of view that equipment made in China implies bad quality and cheap price has existed for historical reasons, and Sany needs to change it by offering high quality products and services. The company will stick to high quality equipment manufacturing, he added.

The next generation’s engineering equipment might become a tool in the Internet just like cell phones and computers.

Innovation should concentrate on Internet communication technology, sensor technology, big data, and cloud computing, enabling equipment to become intelligent for higher efficiency.

Today, shared cars are available and the shared equipment can be expected in the future.

In addition, with the help of the Internet, Sany can locate the equipment precisely and forecast the fault to provide better services for customers.

Tang Xiuguo: To build a new Sany with Internet


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